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3.02.05 Tenth Generation: Descendants of
William L. Brunson (1789-1868)

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William Leonard Brunson (1789-1868) was the third child of William Brunson (1754-1803) and Elizabeth Powell (b. bet. 1766-1775, d. 1827). He was the tenth generation down from the first documented Brunson/Brownson. He was the step-son of Hartwell Macon (1769-1860). He was the half-brother of Lucy Kennon Macon (1807-1852), who was the wife of George B. David. In her book, Historical Sketches of Sumter County [Sumter, S.C.: Sumter County Historical Commission, 1981), vol. 2, pp. 51, 421, Cassie Nicholes states that William owned much of present-day Sumter City. She also mentions that there is a portrait of him at the Methodist Archives, Wofford College. William L. Brunson married twice. First he married Dorthy Pierce in 1812. She died during the birth of her third child. In 1819 William L. Brunson married Elizabeth Ann Brown (1800-1864).
Loring family bible To the left is a copy of a page from the nineteenth-century family bible of William L. Brunson's daughter, Mary Marsena Brunson Loring. The page starts with the birth and death dates of William L. Brunson and lists similar information for his descendants throughout the nineteenth century. Bet Girardeau supplied the picture. The original bible is in the possession of her brother.
The children from William L. Brunson’s two marriages, all of whom were in the eleventh generation down from the first documented Brunson/Brownson, were (d-12; T.Terrar, Family Group Sheets, pp. 236, 302):

  • Caroline Macon Brunson (1813-1876). She married Edwin D. Felder (1809-1883). She is buried at Bethel Methodist Cemetery, Oswego, S.C.

  • Rev. William Hartwell Brunson (1814-1869). He married Emily Henrietta Anderson (1823-1912) in 1841. He was also licensed to preach that year. He is buried at Bethel Methodist Cemetery, Oswego, S.C.

  • Joseph Richard Brunson (1816-1816).

  • Mary Marsena Brunson (1820-1898). She was the eleventh generation down from the first documented Brunson/Brownson. She attended the Sumterville Female Academy between 1834 and 1836. Some of her essays, letters and poetry are at the South Caroliniana Library in Columbia, S.C. In 1841 she married Captain Lucius Pitts Loring (1821-1886). Lucius was born at Cawhaba, Alabama, the son of Daniel Loring, a native of Massachusetts who came to Sumter District prior to 1816. Daniel Loring married Rebecca, daughter of Jeremiah and Valentine Pitts, of Statesburg. Captain Lucius Pitts Loring was a member of Masonic Lodge No. 84 and Clerk of Court for Sumter County in 1868.
    Mary Marsena's Family Tree Mary Marsena Brunson Loring was both a family historian and an artist. To the left is an enlargement of the bottom of the "Brunson Family Tree," which she drew. In the enlarged area is written, “Made by Mrs. L.P. Loring. Photographed by L.F. Brunson.” Click on the picture to enlarge it. This digital version is provided by Mary Marsena’s descendant, Bet Girardeau. Bet’s copy is 16 x 20 inches. Bet put it in a frame because it had been folded for many years. The information on it is difficult to read. The writing is right side up, sideways and upside down. Bet does not know who has the original of Mary Marsena's art work. (david-macon/jpg/d-21.jpg).
    Lucius and Mary Marsena Brunson Loring lived out their lives in Sumter and had seven children, three of whom lived to adulthood. (Click here) (d-22) for a listing of Mary Marsena's descendants, including grandson David Worth Loring’s (1887-1918) Life and Death in World War I. (d-21).

    Mary Marsena Brunson, along with her parents (William L. and Elizabeth Brown Brunson) and her husband, Lucius are buried in the Old Bradford Cemetery on Georgianna Drive in Sumter, S.C. The cemetery is near the home which Lucius Pitts Loring and Mary Marsena Brunson lived out their lives together in the nineteenth century. The home was built for them by Jeremiah Pitts, grandfather of Lucius Pitts. In 1962 some of their descendants moved the house to "Millwood" and it remains in the family. On Mary Marsena Brunson Loring’s tombstone is the inscription, “There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.” (Heb. 4:9).
    Brunson-Loring Cemetery Pictured to the left is a map indicating the location of the Old Bradford Cemetery. Click on the map to enlarge it. The cemetery is located in a group of trees just past 1911 Georgiana Drive. To reach it, one travels from Sumter on West Liberty Street (#763). Upon reaching the traffic light where Wedgefield Road (#763) bears to the right and Pinewood Road (#120) bears left, go left on #120. Turn left on the second street past the traffic light, just a little past Millwood Baptist School. This is Georgiana Drive. (

  • Dr. Wesley W. Brunson (1824-1859) was the fifth child of William L. Brunson. He married Sara Ann Britton (d. 1855) in 1851. She was the daughter of Henry Britton. He is buried at the J. B. White Cemetery, Beckman Rd., Sumter, S.C.

  • Francis Lawson Brunson (1831-1897). He married Mary Alston Brunson (1834-1926) in 1854.

  • Charlotte Anna Brunson married Joseph Bellinger Roach in 1854. Rev. A. M. Foster performed the ceremony. Her home was on the southeast corner of Main Street and Charlotte Avenue. She is buried at Sumter Cemetery.

  • Manly A. Brunson (1837-1858). He is buried in the Old Bradford Cemetery, Sumter, S.C.

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