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4.08 Hamblin Eppes Macon’s (1788-1834) Descendants

Hartwell Macon, Sr. (1741-1824) married Lucy K. and had two children. One was Hartwell Macon, Jr. (1769-1860), the father of Lucy K. Macon, wife of George B. David. The other child of Hartwell Macon Sr. was Gideon Macon. Gideon was born between 1756 and 1777. He married in 1788 and had one son Hamblin Eppes Macon (1788-1834), who was born in Fairfield County (Camden District). Hamblin Eppes Macon married Sarah Sallie McGraw in 1811. Her parents were James McGraw (1769-1836) and Sarah Stacy Vandiver (1773-1815). The Vandevour family of which Sarah Sallie McGraw married into is discussed in Family Tree Maker, vol. 31, Tree 303 at the DAR Library in Washington, D.C. According to the 1830 census, Hamblin Eppes and Sarah Sallied Macon were living at Autauga, Alabama at that time. Hamblin and Sarah Sallie had nine children, the first seven of which were born in Fairfield, S.C. The last two were born in Autauga, Alabama. They were:
Harriet Emeline Macon (1812-1866). She married James B. Shackleford in 1829.
Elizabeth “Eliza” Clementine Macon (b. 1814). She married Nelson Clark in 1832 in Alabama.
Sarah Ann Macon (1817-1864). She married William Ezell in 1835 (1855?) in Alabama.
Thomas Perry Macon (b. 1820).
Jemima Caroline Macon (1822-1840). She died at Autaugh, Alabama.
Nancy Kennon Macon (1824-1879). She married Samuel P. Wallace in 1843 and Joseph B. Rodgers in 1849. She died at Noxubee, Mississippi.
James Hartwell Macon (b.1826). He married Margaret Macon.
Sanford Epps Macon (b.1829).
Jasper Newton Macon (1832-1853).

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