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4.07 Descendants of John Macon, Sr. (1695-1752)

John Macon, Sr. (1695-1752), son of Gideon Macon Sr. (1648-1702), "The Immigrant" and Martha Woodward Macon, was born in St. Peters parish, Virginia. (TT, "Family Group Sheets," p. 323). John Macon, Sr. was the sheriff of Carolina County, Virginia. He married Ann Hunt (d. 1725). Her parents were William and Tabitha Hunt. John was living in 1729 in Goochland County, Virginia. He was buried in Carolina County, Virginia. John Macon, Sr. (1695-1752) and Ann Hunt had six children. These were:
Gideon Hunt Macon, Sr. (1715-1761). He was born in New Kent County, Virginia. He moved to North Carolina in about 1740. He had land on Shocco Creek in Warren County, North Carolina. This area was later named Edgecombe County and then Grandville County. He was a tobacco farmer, justice of the peace and vestryman of St. John’s Parish church at the time of his death. He married Priscilla Jones in 1744. Gideon Hunt Macton, Sr. and Priscilla had eight children between 1745 and 1761. They were all born at Macon Manor in Greenville County, North Carolina. (These children need to be listed here at some future date). Gideon Hunt Macon, Sr. is buried in Warren County, North Carolina. A number of interesting things will be noted about the descendants of Gideon Hunt Macon, Sr.
  • The third child of Gideon Hunt Macon, Sr. and Priscilla was Martha Macon (1749-1820). Martha married Joseph Seawell in 1771. They had nine children between 1773 and 1796. (At some future point, list these children). Martha is buried at Carthage, North Carolina. Joseph Seawell and Martha Macon Seawell’s fifth child was Elizabeth “Betty” Seawell (b. 1782). She married first Edward James Jones and then James Gordon. She had one child, Joseph Seawell Jones (1806-1855). Joseph was known as “Shocco” Jones. He attended Harvard University, was a member of the U.S. Congress and a founder of the North Carolina Historical Society. He wrote Memories of North Carolina (New York: Scatcherd & Adams, 1838, 87pp) and A Defense of the Revolutionary History of North Carolina: from the aspersions of Mr. Jefferson (Boston: Turner and Hughes, 1834, 343pp). He died a hermit and is buried in Mississippi.

    Joseph Seawell and and Martha Macon Seawell’s eighth child was Martha "Patsy" Macon Seawell (1790-1867). In 1807 she married Harry Samuel Williams. Their son, Joseph Seawell Williams wrote Old Times in West Tennessee: Reminiscences, Semi-historic, of Pioneer life and the Early Emigrant Settlers in the Big Hatchie Country (Memphis, Tenn.: W.G. Cheeney, 1873, [1975 reprinted] 295pp).

  • The sixth child of Gideon Hunt Macon, Sr. and Priscilla was John T. Macon (1755-1829). In the Revolutionary War he served as a captain in the Seventh North Carolina Continental Regiment from Warren County, North Carolina under Colonel Hogun. He had active service in Charleston, S.C. He later served under George Washington in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He was present at Brandywine, Germantown and Valley Forge. In 1780 he was the captain of the Warren County, N.C. convoy in a regiment from Halifax County under Col. Benjamin Seawell. During this time he participated in the Battle of Camden (August 10, 1780). His brother, Captain Harrison Macon was wounded, captured and suffered long imprisonment). John T. Macon served in the senate. At the state convention he voted to reject the U.S. Constitution. John T. Macon married three times, first to Elizabeth Williams, then to Joanna Tabb and after 1814 to Joyce. He had three children by his first wife and seven by his second wife. (The children need to be listed in the future).
    The third child of John T. Macon (1755-1829) was Harrison Henry Macon, Sr. (1796-1851). This son migrated to Warren County, Tennessee in 1820 and married Margaret Brooks in 1826. The third child of Harrison Henry Macon, Sr. (1796-1851) and Margaret was John Macon (1829-1886). He married Martha Ann Ramsey in 1855. This couple lived out their lives in Warren County, Tennessee and raised eleven children. (The children need to be listed in the future).

    The first child of John Macon (1829-1886) and his wife Martha Ann was Eugene Lamalon Macon (1856-1938). He married Maggie Drake and then about 1910 he married Anne Wharton. From Eugene and Maggie Macon descends the anonymous Family Tree Maker genealogist who has provided much information for this web page. Eugene Macon (1856-1938) and Maggie Macon had three children. The second child of Eugene and Maggie Macon was Oscar Drake Macon, Sr. (b. 1883). Oscar Macon’s wife was a niece to Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy.

    The eighth child of John Macon (1829-1886) and Martha Ann Ramsey was David Harrison Macon (1870-1952). He married Matilda Richardson in 1899. He is buried at the Coleman Cemetery, Kittrell, Tennessee. He was a star on the Grand Old Opera. (See TT, “Family Group Sheet,” p. 326.4).

  • The seventh child of Gideon Hunt Macon, Sr. and Priscilla Jones Macon was Nathaniel Macon (1758-1837). He was a student at Princeton University when the Revolutionary War started. He served in the war. He had a limited regard for the U.S. Constitution. (He opposed it). He served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1791 to 1815. He was the speaker of the House from 1801 to 1807 and president pro tem of the Senate from 1825 to 1827. He was a friend of Thomas Jefferson. He presided over the Constitutional Convention of 1835. Macon, Georgia and various other towns and counties are named after Nathaniel. Nathaniel married Hannah Plummer in 1783 in Granville County, North Carolina. He is buried at Buck Spring, Warren County, North Carolina. Nathaniel and Hannah Macon had three children. Nathaniel Macon was a second cousin, six times removed from the present descendants of Lucy Macon David.
  • John Macon, Jr. (1718-1785). He is buried in Granville, North Carolina.

    William Macon (b. 1718).

    Henry Macon (1721-1785/1795). He was born in Henrico County, Virginia. He married twice, first to Rebecca Mayo and then to Frances Netherland Carlyle. He is buried in Cumberland County, Virginia.

    Frances Macon . She married Daniel Pegram .

    Mary Macon (b. 1725). She married Benjamin Pendleton in 1750.

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