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2.03 Descendants of Ellen Jane David (1832-1908) and
Thomas Vardelle Walsh (1833-1903)

The second child of George B. and Lucy Macon David was Ellen Jane David (1832-1908). She was born on August 7, 1832 in Sumterville, South Carolina. She married Thomas Vardelle Walsh (1833/1838?-1903/1906?) on June 24, 1852. Thomas was born on April 12, 1838 (1833?). He was the son of Michael Patrick Walsh (1805-1836) and Mary Vardelle (1811-1857). The paternal grandparents of Thomas Walsh were John Walsh, MD and Mary Travis. Michael Patrick and Mary were married in Charleston on July 10, 1832. They had one other child besides Thomas. That was Joseph Travis Walsh (1835-1904). Michael Patrick died young and was buried at Old Flynn Presbyterian Church in Charleston, S.C. Young Thomas and Joseph Travis Walsh were raised by their maternal grandmother, Susan Phillips Vardell. Joseph was a cripple. He opened the first school for blacks in Sumter after the Civil War. When Reconstruction ended, he was kicked out of the state and settled in New York.

In the 1850 census Thomas was living with the James Mark family and listed as a student. This was right next door to Ellen David. In the 1860 and 1870 census he is listed as a merchant working in a dry goods store. Later he was a deacon in the First Baptist Church of Sumter and secretary of the local Confederate veterans organization. He also served as a trial judge, clerk of the county board and judge of probate. The two latter positions he held for thirty years and was still at it at the time of his death. He died on Christmas day, just as the sun was setting. Thomas and Ellen had twelve children, all of whom were born in Sumter, S.C. They were:

  • Mary Ellen Walsh (June 13, 1853-February 1, 1923). She married Benjamin Peter Cuttino in 1880. She is buried at the Sumter City Cemetery.
    Anna Babbit
  • (d-9.jpg) Pictured to the left is Anna (Louisianna) Babbit. She was the wife of Charles Travis Walsh (1854-1926), who was the second child of Thomas and Ellen David Walsh. Charles Travis Walsh married Anna in 1878. They lived in Texas and had nine children, including Byron Travis Walsh (1884-1917). The wife of Byron Travis Walsh was Florence Cooper (Jenkins) (d. 1978). Florence and Byron Travis Walsh had three children. Byron Travis Walsh had a drinking and gambling problem. This led to domestic violence. He threatened to cut his wife's throat and put her and the children out of the house. The wife and children were living in a tent. As a result, Florence Walsh shot her husband dead with his own gun while he was sleeping in bed. She served time in prison. On her release she changed the family name both for herself and her children to Jenkins. The troubled Byron Travis Walsh was the grandfather of Jerry (Walsh) Jenkins (b. 1939), the co-author of this web page.
  • Rosa Robinson Walsh (July 14, 1857-June 13, 1858). She is buried in the Sumter City Cemetery.
  • Anna H. Walsh (b. 1859). She married Charles H. Singleton. She is buried at the Sumter City Cemetery.
  • Bartow Walsh (April 16, 1861-April 4, 1925). He married Bessie Williams Lebby. He is buried at the Sumter City Cemetery.
  • Pinkney Seingler (Shingler) Walsh (July 31, 1863-March 26, 1864). He is buried at the Sumter City Cemetery.
  • Florence Walsh (March 1, 1866-January 30, 1950). She married Harry Asbury Hoyt. She is buried at the Sumter City Cemetery.
  • Lucy Walsh (February 19, 1868-November 21, 1944). She married Rev. Clinton Capers Brown. She is buried at the Sumter City Cemetery.
  • Mary Walsh (b. 1869).
  • Emma Walsh (February 19, 1870-October 12, 1957). She married Ernest Harrison Rhame on November 1, 1890. She is buried at the Sumter City Cemetery.
  • Thomas Vardelle Walsh (December 17, 1871-June 8, 1959). He married Kathleen Barden. He is buried at the Sumter City Cemetery.
  • Laura Elizabeth Walsh (November 17, 1879-April 10, 1959). She married Brewington M. Lebby. She is buried at the Sumter City Cemetery.
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