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3.01.01 Brunson Generational Chronology

(The page numbers refer to Toby Terrar's family group sheets for the Jones/Brunsons/Macons)
  • 1st Generation: Cornelius Brownson. He was born 1525 at Earlís Colne, Essex.
  • 2nd Generation: John Brounson (1550-1623). He was born at Earlís Colne, Essex, England. He was a yeoman. (p. 280) , [1.30.2(4-5)D].
  • 3rd Generation: Roger Brownson (1576-1635). He was born at Earlís Colne, England. He was a taylor. He married at Lamarsh, Essex in 1600 Mary Underwood. He died at . Aldham, Essex County, England. (p. 276), [1.30.2(2-3)D].
  • 4th Generation: John Brownson Jr. (1602-1680). He was born. at La Marsh, England, immigrant. He ran a sawmill and served in the Pequat War of 1637. He had a lot on Soldierís Field in part of Hartford on Neck Road, which was given to him for his service in the Pequat War. He lived there in 1640. He moved from Hartford to Farmington, Conn. about 1641, when it was established. He helped start Farmington, Conn. in 1641 and ran a sawmill. He was a Puritan, a deputy to Conn. General Court in 1650s, a constable, and he helped establish the First Congregational Church of Farmington and was one of the seven pillars of the Farmington Church in 1652. He married Francis Hills in 1626. He d. Hartford/Farmington, Conn. (p. 267).
  • 5th Generation: John Brunson (1642-1711). He was born Hartford or Farmington, Conn. moved to South Carolina about 1695, married Hannah Scott in 1642. He died at Dorchester, South Carolina) (p. 262). (p. 276), [1.30.1(4-5)D].
  • 6th Generation: Isaac Brunson Sr. (1680-1733). Also known as Brownson, Brunston. He was born at Wethersford, Conn. He was a carpenter and helped for the Congregational Church for Dorchester, South Carolina. He married Margaret in 1704 in S.C. He died at St. Johnís Parish, South Carolina. (p. 249) [1.30(24-25)D].
  • 7th Generation: Isaac Brunson, Jr. (1706-1770). He was born at Dorchester, South Carolina and was early into the backcountry. He married Mary Neilson in Craven County, S.C. and died at St. Markís Parish, S.C. (p. 241) [1.30(12-13)D].
  • 8th Generation: David Brunson Sr. (1729-1784). He was born at Dorchester, South Carolina. He was a rice farmer and married Elizabeth Cantey before 1754 at Prince Williams, S.C. He died at St. Markís Parish, South Carolina. (p. 235).
  • 9th Generation: Margaret Brunson (b. 1766) married Isaac David. In 1807 they had 106 acres on Crow Bay in the fork of Black River.
  • 10th Generation: George B. David (1793-1849). He married Lucy Macon. They had 520 acres on the Black River.
  • 11th Generation: Elizabeth Margaret David (Jones) .
  • 12th Generation: Frances Ellen Jones (Jones).
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