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3.02.01 Ancestry of Elizabeth Cantey (Brunson)

Elizabeth Cantey (Brunson) (1739-1791) was the wife of David Brunson, Sr. (1729-1784). The sources for this and what follows are given by Ray and Jean Brunson in their book Four Generations of Brunson and Allied Families (Lafayette, LA: Self-published: 1988). Elizabeth Cantey Brunson's ancestors can be outlined as follows, starting with the most ancient:
Teige Cantey, born in Ireland, died 1678 in South Carolina. His wife was Elizabeth.
George Cantey, born in 1649 at Holy Trinity Parish (Christ Chruch), Cork, Ireland. He married Martha and died in S.C.
William Cantey married Arabella Oldys and died in 1729 at Craven County, S.C.
William Cantey, born before 1716, married Elizabeth Nielson.
Elizabeth Cantey (Brunson) (1739-1791), wife of David Brunson Sr. (1729-1784).
As indicated in the outline, Elizabeth Cantey (Brunson), the mother of Margaret Brunson David (1766-after 1846) was the daughter of William Cantey and Elizabeth Neilson. The parents of Elizabeth Neilson (Cantey) were Matthew and Jane Neilson. William and Elizabeth (Neilson) Cantey had two children. They were:
Arabella Cantey. She married John Scott and James Kelly.
Elizabeth Cantey (1739-1791). She married David Brunson, Sr.
Elizabeth Cantey Brunson’s paternal grandparents were William Cantey, who died in 1729 at Craven County, S.C. and Arabella Oldys. Arabella was the daughter of Joseph Oldys. Joseph arrived in South Carolina aboard the The Blessing on August 9, 1671. He received nine lashes for concealing the theft of a turkey in 1671. He later was the deputy secretary of the province. He and his wife had four children: Arabella (married William Cantey), Joseph, Elizabeth (married William Allen) and Margaret. Joseph Oldys died at Charleston between 1690 and 1692.

William and Arabella Oldys Cantey were married by 1703 and had five children. They were:

Josiah Cantey (b. before 1708). He married Elizabeth Boswood in 1731.
? Cantey. She married Richard Middleton.
Mary Cantey (1722-1769). She married Richard Richardson on October 11, 1736.
John Cantey (b. before 1723-1792). He married Mary McGirt before 1749. He is buried at Camden, which in the eighteenth century was in St. Mark’s Parish, Craven County, South Carolina.
William Cantey (b. before1716). He married Elizabeth Neilson.
Elizabeth Cantey (Brunson)’s paternal great grandparents were George Cantey, born in 1649 at Holy Trinity Parish (Christ Chruch), Cork, Ireland. He married Martha in Barbados and came to South Carolina in 1671 on the third ship that came to the colony. In 1703-1704 he served in the Commons House for Berkeley County, South Carolina. He died in South Carolina. George and Martha Cantey had four children. They were:
John Cantey (b. 1671) was the third Euro-male child born in South Carolina. He married a woman with the surname of Childs in 1691.
Sendiniah Cantey (d. 1740). She married James Boswood. She is buried at St. Andrews Church, South Carolina.
Elizabeth Cantey married Thomas Elmes in 1692.
William Cantey (b. bet. 1671-1676). He married Arabella Oldys.
Elizabeth Cantey (Brunson)’s paternal great great grandparents were Teige Cantey (d. 1678) in South Carolina. The name is also spelled O’Cantey, Cantee, Kantee, O’Canle and Canley. Teige married Elizabeth. Teije came to South Carolina before 1678. Teije and Elizabeth had six children, most of whom were born at Holy Trinity Parish (Christ Chruch) in Cork, Ireland. They were:
Teige Cantey died in 1672 in South Carolina, leaving no wife or children.
George Cantey (b. 1649) married Martha.
William Cantey (1657-1715) married Jane Baker between 1694-1699. He is buried in South Carolina.
Elizabeth Cantey (b. 1660).
Catherine Cantey married a man with the surname Man (Manely) .
Mary Cantey married a man with the surname Smericke.

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