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3.05.01 Parents and Siblings of Hannah Scott (Brownson)

Hannah Scott (Brownson) (1647-by 1723), who married John Brownson (1642-1711) and migrated with him to South Carolina about 1695, was the daughter of Edmund Scott and Hannah Bird (d. after 1664). Edmund Scottís father was Thomas Scott. Hannah Birdís father was Thomas Bird. The nine children of Edmund and Hannah (Bird) Scott were:
Hannah Scott (1647-by 1723). She married John Brownson.
Elizabeth Scott. She married a man with the surname of Davis.
Joseph Scott.
Edmund Scott, Jr. (d. 1746). He married Sarah in 1689 and is buried at Waterbury, Connecticut.
Samuel Scott (b. 1660). He married Mary Orvice in 1686.
George Scott (d. 1724). He married Mary Richards in 1691 and is buried at Waterbury, Connecticut.
Jonathan Scott married Hannah Hawks in 1694.
David Scott (d. 1727). He married Sarah Richards in 1698 and is buried at Waterbury, Connecticut.
Robert Scott.

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