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3.04.01 Alternative Version of John Brownson, Jr. (1602-1680) and the Fourth Generation

Harriet Bronson Sibley in Bronson Lineage, 1636-1917 (Dallas, OR: Self-published, 1917), p. 8, offers a version of the fourth generation that overlaps with but also differs from the Ray and Jean Brunson version. In Sibley’s version, no wife is listed. She says that “John Bronson of Farmington” fathered seven children. They were:
Jacob Bronson (1641-1708) married Mary.
John Bronson, Jr. of Waterbury (1644-1696). He married Sarah Ventris (d. 1711). They were original subscribers of Waterbury in 1674 (north side of West Main St.). They had seven children. These were:
John Bronson (1670-1716), who lived at Farmington (now Southington).
Sarah Bronson (b. 1672).
Dorthy Bronson (1675-after 1723). She married Stephen Kelsey.
Ebenezer Bronson (1677-1727). He married Mary Munn in 1702. He is buried at Waterbury.
William Bronson (1682-1761). He married Esther Barnes in 1707.
Moses Bronson (1686-1754). He married Jane Wait. They had thirteen children between 1711 and 1739. Sibley, p. 11 lists them.
Grace Bronson (b. 1689).
Isaac Bronson was born in 1645 at Hartford, Connecticut. Sibley does not give a wife, but lists him as fathering nine children. These were:
Isaac Bronson. He had nine children, who Sibley, p. 11 lists.
Lt. John Bronson
Samuel Bronson
Mary Bronson
Josephy Bronson
Thomas Bronson
Ebemezar Bronson
Sarah Bronson
Mercy Bronson
Mary Bronson married a man with the surname Ellis or Allis.
Abraham Bronson (b. 1647) married Hannah Griswold.
Dorcas Bronson (d. 1677). She married Stephen Hopkins.
Sarah Bronson married John Kilbourne.

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