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3.06.01 Parents and Siblings of Mary Neilson (Brownson)

Mary Neilson was the wife of Isaac Brunson, Jr. (1706-1770) and the grandmother of Margaret Brunson David. Isaac and Mary Neilson were married in Craven County and early into the backcountry. Mary Neilson Brunsonís parents were Matthew and Jane Neilson. Matthew Neilson came from Donegal, Ireland to South Carolina in 1726. He was a cattleman before 1730. He and his wife were members of the Black Mingo Presbyterian meeting house. He died between 1742 and 1744 in Prince Frederick Parish, Craven County, South Carolina. Jane Neilson died before 1742. Matthew and Jane Neilson had six children. They were:
George Neilson (d. 1743). He married Helen (Ellen, Eleanor) Neilson in 1743. He is buried in Prince Frederick Parish, Craven, S.C.
John Neilson (d. 1759). He married Susannah Edgar in 1731.
William Neilson (1711-before 1767). He married Susannah Brunson.
Samuel Neilson married Elizabeth.
Mary Neilson married Isaac Brunson, Jr.
Elizabeth Neilson married William Cantey.

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